Board of Trustees

Steven D. Mitchell, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Mitchell has served as chairman of our board since 2008.  He is the chief operating officer of Mitchell's Park Street Pharmacy, Inc. in Calico Rock.  He is a lifelong resident of Pineville.

Wayne Wood, Vice Chairman of the Board

Rev. Wood has been a member of the board since 2008.  He served as secretary/treasurer from 2008-2016 and has been vice chairman since 2016.  He is a retired Cumberland Presbyterian minister in Calico Rock.  

Ed Stephens, Trustee

Mr. Stephens has been a member of the board since 2012.  He is a retired educator and school board member in Louisiana.  His passion is airplanes and historic preservation.

Jill Easton, Trustee

Ms. Easton has been a member of the board since 2012.  She is a freelance author with experience in archaeology.  Her passion is history, hunting and the outdoors.

Dr. Freda Cruse Hardison

Dr. Hardison joined the board in 2018.  She is a historian, author, researcher, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.  She is a lifelong resident of Stone County.

Kristie Thompson, Trustee

Ms. Thompson joined the board in 2018.  She is a social studies educator at Mountain Home Public Schools.  She is a lifelong resident of Calico Rock.

Jonathon Moss, Trustee

Mr. Moss joined the board in 2018.  He is the compliance officer for First National Bank of Izard County.  He is a lifelong resident of Calico Rock.


We look forward to sharing information on our newest board member soon.

Mayor Greg Hamby, Trustee

Mr. Hamby serves on the board of trustees by virtue of his position as 

Mayor of the City of Calico Rock, Arkansas.

Advisory Boards

Storybook Project Advisory Board

Claire Cresto, Chair; Ed Stephens, Trustee Representative; Kedra Sugg.

Foundation Staff Directory


Gloria Sanders, Executive Director

Ms. Sanders has been the executive director since 2012 and was the first chief executive of the Foundation.  With a diverse background in antiques and entrepreneurship, Ms. Sanders has yielded amazing results for the Calico Rock Museum, the Foundation, and our community.  

Phone: 870-916-2230

Guest Services Team

Our guest services team are dedicated to making our visitors feel welcome and giving them a first class visit to Calico Rock and our museums.  

Team Leader: My Kim Parnell

Team Members: Kedra Sugg and Glenda Hershberger

Heritage Center Phone: 870-297-6100

Hospitality Team

 Our hospitality team is dedicated to ensuring our guests are treated with Southern hospitality and leave with a great impression of Calico Rock.  They manage the Printing Press Cafe and offer catering services and unique guest experiences.

Team Leader: Denver Hankins

Team Members: Lindsay Faith Killian

Printing Press Cafe Phone: 870-297-6200

Cholie Crawford, Comptroller/Graphic Design

Ms. Crawford is dedicated to sharing the treasures of Calico Rock with the world.  She produces the Explore magazine and provides marketing services for our teams and enterprises.  She also serves as our comptroller/bookkeeper.  

Phone: 870-916-2234

Jan Bufford, Support Services

Ms. Bufford provides support services and shared resources for the 

administration and guest services team.

Phone: 870-297-6100

Giving Team

The giving team works to ensure funds are available to continue the work of the museums and Foundation enterprises as well as securing endowment gifts to ensure the long-term stability of the museum and Foundation entities.  All gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Contact: 870-916-2230